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Fender Bendervideo

Fender Bender Causes A Massive Gang War

Accidents on a road can happen to anyone. Just the tiniest moment is enough to turn everything around. Most of the times, those accidents are just minor scratches or bumps on the vehicle...

Why You Should Never Own A Black Car

Here's one reason why you need to think twice before purchasing a black car. We all know that darker colors absorb more heat than lighter ones. But does that really make a big difference...

1965 Chevy c-10: Restored

High school graduation is a big deal for everyone. Once the official part is done it's common to throw a party. Congratulations gifts are also a part of tradition. And while most young...

Tesla Has An Amazing New Feature

Just few years ago electric smart cars were something that sounded like a good science fiction movie. Today, electric cars are nothing strange and are becoming more and more popular. It's no surprise -...
Mobile Homevideo

This Mobile Home Is A Serious Game Changer

Have you ever dreamed of spending your retirement years in a mobile home, touring the country and finally seeing all the sites, the monuments, the parks, and the attractions you missed throughout your...

These Are Ten Roads You Just Don’t Want To Drive On

If you think you're on a road long enough to say you've seen it all, this video might be the right thing for you. These roads are a real nightmare. How often do you...

Movie About 100 Years of Cars Will Make You Nostalgic

Warning - this video will make you really nostalgic. For car industry the 21st century might be the best century ever. Cars are safer than ever, their looks are becoming modern and timeless, and they're...

These Hilarious Road Signs Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Road signs are important. With so many vehicles out there, world without road signs would be an endless mess. They are here to remind us of important things and give us information about...

New Ziesel Is A Perfect Choice For Offroading

Guys, meet the Ziesel. The Ziesel is the latest project from Austria's Mattro Mobility Revolutions, a vehicle company that's specialized in creating strange off-road vehicles. The Ziesel, which is German for "ground squirrel", maybe looks like an...

Strangest Parking Fine Ever

No one likes getting a speeding ticket or parking ticket of any sort, but new technology is really not helping. These days it's pretty normal to get a ticket or parking fine through the...


Meet The Guy Who Built A Self-Driving Car In His Garage

While most of us just sit and watch how self-driving cars are taking over the roads, this guy went a step further. He built...