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dirty carvideo

The Dirty Car Artist Scott Wade Makes Amazing Art

Unless you're one of those people who can't resist drawing sad face or writing "Wash me" on a random dirty car covered in dust, dirty cars doesn't sound very inspiring. And if you're anything...

You Can’t Steal A Rolls-Royce Hood Ornament

The Rolls-Royce is one of the most famous super cars in the world. The Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy figurine has been the trademark feature of the luxury brand since the early 1900s. Created...

Model T Starts Even After 60+ Years

The Ford Model T is probably the most famous car in automotive history. It was produced by Ford Motor Company from 1908, to 1927 and is known as the first affordable car. It is also...

Firefighter Teaches Driver A Lesson

This is not a new story, but it's still worth seeing. Back in 2013, The City of Merced Fire Department of California went viral with their video, not because they saved someone's life,...
Fire Extinguishervideo

How To Install A Fire Extinguisher In Your Car

Fire extinguishers are something every car should have even when the law doesn't say that. They're small and they're not too expensive, especially when you compare it to the cost of not having one in case...

Filling Up A Car With The Wrong Fuel

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you'd filled up a tank with the wrong fuel? Here's the answer. As an 'experienced user' I can tell you - when you're driving a not so...

The Ultimate US Road Trip

Have you ever dreamed about taking a year off and going for an epic road trip? Well, get your trip buddies together and watch this. Discovery News and Randy Olson, a doctoral candidate at Michigan State University,...
Epic Jumpvideo

Epic Jump Over A Formula 1 Car Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Ok, this epic jump over a Formula 1 car is something that will take your breath away. Have you ever heard of Motorsports? It is the group of competitive events which primarily involve the...

Restore Your Headlights Using Toothpaste

We'll all agree - headlights are very important part of every vehicle that's supposed to be on a road during night. And if your car is old with classic car lights, they probably are...

These Are Ten Roads You Just Don’t Want To Drive On

If you think you're on a road long enough to say you've seen it all, this video might be the right thing for you. These roads are a real nightmare. How often do you...


Tesla Has An Amazing New Feature

Just few years ago electric smart cars were something that sounded like a good science fiction movie. Today, electric cars are nothing strange and...