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Fanciest Busvideo

Fanciest Bus You’ll Ever See

This vehicle might be the fanciest bus ever. It looks wonderful from the outside and its interior is.. just wow! Oh.My.Gosh. If this was mine, I would not only use it for driving, I would...
tea bagsvideo

DIY Tea Bags Deodorizers Are Amazing

Tea time is practiced religiously across the whole world. Some people drink tea instead of coffee, some use it to improve their health, some others are using it for relaxation after a hard...

Restored Vintage Motorcycle Surprise

Kids expect their parents to provide them things they want and need. And there's absolutely nothing strange in that. They don't have their own money and still have needs and dreams, just like...

Subaru Stolen Out of Driveway, Next Morning It’s Returned With This Note In It

Sometimes, the strangest things happen. Like in this story, which sounds more like a scene from a clip of “World’s Dumbest Criminals” than real life. Erin Hatzi from Portland called the police and reported...

Lock Your Car In Florida To Get A Movie Ticket

A way to get a free movie ticket? Very simple. Lock your Car. According to FBI reports, one vehicle is stolen every 46 seconds. When you finish watching the video, at least two another...
foggy car windowsvideo

How to Stop Car Windows Steaming Up

Not many car owners enjoy winter. Winter means no more open windows, frosted locks, ice on a road and sitting in a cold vehicle for what looks like ages until it heats up. With...
Strangest Vehiclesvideo

The Strangest Vehicles Ever Made

Even if you think you've seen it all, this list of strangest vehicles will prove you wrong. Car industry has spoiled us. You don't have to agree with me, but that's the fact. We are...
walmart dogvideo

Dogs Accidentally Crash Their Owner’s Car Into Walmart

With all of the stories on the news today, I think it’s safe to say that it isn’t a good idea to leave anyone in the car. Even if it’s just for a...
Plastic Roadsvideo

Plastic Roads Might Be Our Future

Plastic roads are just an idea for now, but once you see it you'll have to admit it's really, but really cool. Netherlands' company Volker Wessles came to a genius idea how to reduce...

Driving Prank – Drifting Customers in Pickup Truck

Driving pranks are really fun. Maybe you remember the one when owners of driving school decided to introduce their instructors to professional driver who gave them a drive of their lifetime. This one...


Goodyear’s Sphere Tires Might Change Everything

Oh my gosh! This is something you just have to see! After wheels being the same all the way from stone age, Goodyear decided...