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Parallel Parking Recordvideo

The Tightest Parallel Parking Record

You think you've mastered parallel parking? Well, think again, because what this guy can do is unbelievable! Most of the times placing a car in a parking lot is just an everyday routine. Except when...
Strangest Vehiclesvideo

The Strangest Vehicles Ever Made

Even if you think you've seen it all, this list of strangest vehicles will prove you wrong. Car industry has spoiled us. You don't have to agree with me, but that's the fact. We are...
amazing beetle transformationvideo

Amazing Beetle Transformation

Kim Steger loves her 1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle to death. It was her first car ever when she was 16 and she’s held onto the Love Bug ever since. The car is completely...
Slide Matvideo

Park and Slide Mat Should Be In Every Garage

Garages are intended to be used for cars, but so often these days we find that there just isn’t enough space in there to actually fit a vehicle – not with the lawnmower,...

This Toyota Has The Best Wheels Ever

English inventor Matthew Liddiard has created a set of tires that allows any driver in any car to rotate their vehicle 360 degrees and move in all direction (even sideways). You’re going to be...

Crash Tests Shows What It’s Like To Crash A Car Traveling At 125 MPH

People are often scared of planes or boats, but the truth is that none of those vehicles are dangerous as cars and bikes are. We tend to believe that nothing bad can happen...
Sphere Tiresvideo

Goodyear’s Sphere Tires Might Change Everything

Oh my gosh! This is something you just have to see! After wheels being the same all the way from stone age, Goodyear decided it's finally time to ditch the concept of wheels...

You Lucky Dog Just Took On A Whole New Meaning

The saying “you lucky dog” just got a whole new meaning. We’ve already seen dogs involved in really crazy car situations and witnessed them survive really tough situations, but this one might take the cake. While surviving...
scam tirevideo

Car Tire Scam Could Cost You Your Life

Attention drivers! New scam is circling around and it could cost you your life. There were always scammers on used items markets and one should always be aware of the risk when buying used...

Green Goo Is A Perfect Car Cleaner

Even if you don't have kids, you've probably noticed a fun toy known as a green goo somewhere. It's a really cool and simple toy for all ages. But did you know that goo...


Grandma Absolutely Hates New Tesla Car

Car industry is changing and the changes are big. Not only we're getting used to electric cars, more and more smart cars are out...