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Wooden VW Beetle Will Leave You Speechless

It's official - this man is my new idol! His wooden VW Beetle is absolutely stunning! Most people after retirement start picking new hobbies to fill their days. Momir Bojic was not an exception. What makes him...
Tesla chargervideo

Tesla Charger Prototype Is Something You Have To See

This Tesla charger may give us a glimpse of how cool and awesome the future will become. Seeing where automotive industry is going in this century is absolutely stunning experience. More and more electric...
Car Hacksvideo

These Car Hacks Will Make Life So Much Easier

When our cars act up, the last thing we want to do is head to our mechanic or auto parts store. While they’ve got all the tools necessary to get the job done...

Make Your Own All Natural Car Air Freshener

OK, this is literally the simplest DIY ever. And it's really awesome! Make your own natural air freshener in less than a minute! If you're a car owner you've probably found yourself at least...

Google’s Self-Driving Car Is Absolutely Fantastic

Everyone knows what Google is and what they do. But did you know they're expanding their business from IT to automotive industry? Google's team has already created a great smart, self-driving car and...

Winter Chaos: Icy Road Leads To Multi-Vehicle Crashes

If you think traffic during winter in your city is bad, wait until you see this chaos in Montreal. Winter is always tricky and even experienced drivers sometimes have hard time with all that snow...

AeroMobil Will Make Your Jaw Drop

What you're about to see might look like a scene from a Sci Fi movie, but it's actually happening! Meet AeroMobil, a flying car. AeroMobil might look like something from outer space, but when...

Fantastic Driveway System

When you think of a farm, you probably think of a place where people live off the land. Where the animals roam free and there are acres upon acres of landing stretching out...
Rush Hourvideo

You Think Your Rush Hour Is the Worst? Think Again.

It is totally wrong to claim that your city has the worst traffic in a rush hour. You'd be stealing the title from this country. Being stuck in traffic is every driver's nightmare. No...
Cleaning Toolvideo

$2 Cleaning Tool Will Make Your Car Shine

You can use this simple cleaning tool to clean absolutely everything and it can make your home and car look brand new in minutes. I believe you've already heard of Magic Eraser from Mr....


Wonderful Luxury Hotel On Wheels

If you have some extra cash you're planning to spend on upgrading your road trip experience, this one is for you. The new 35ft long...