High school graduation is a big deal for everyone. Once the official part is done it’s common to throw a party. Congratulations gifts are also a part of tradition. And while most young folks look forward to a new phone, gadget, vacation tickets and vouchers or fine piece of jewelry, Luke Merrill wanted only one thing – a family heirloom, a 1965 Chevy C-10 half-ton pickup truck, which has been in family for over 20 years.

When Luke got his gift, it wasn’t in its best shape. Nothing uncommon, being more than 20 years on a road. Almost everything on the vehicle had to be repaired or replaced. The paint was literally falling down, and it was all mess and rust.

Luke, however, had a big plans for it and didn’t want it to rust away. He put all his love and effort into turning the old truck into his dream vehicle. And he did a pretty great job!