With all of the stories on the news today, I think it’s safe to say that it isn’t a good idea to leave anyone in the car. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, even if it isn’t too hot out, even if it’s a dog and not actually a person.

There’s no end to the things that can go wrong, and with the awareness of most passersby today, you’re likely to come back to a cracked window and a police officer.

While there is an abundance of upsetting news stories about babies and children left in hot cars, this is actually a big issue when it comes to dogs as well.

Dogs also need to be kept at a normal temperature or they’re at risk of dehydrating and overheating. Leaving the windows cracked isn’t enough.

And as this dog owner learned, it isn’t a good idea to leave dogs in the car even if the car is running to keep the temperature leveled. They needed only few minutes in his local Walmart and they thought nothing bad could happen if he keep the engine running with their dogs inside. But oh boy, they were wrong.

Dogs are some of the smartest and craftiest creatures around, and if there’s a way to innocently get into some trouble, they can usually be counted on to find it.

So when these two dogs were left in the running car while their owner ran into Walmart, it’s no wonder that they figured out sooner rather than later how to move the gearshift into drive.