This vehicle might be the fanciest bus ever. It looks wonderful from the outside and its interior is.. just wow!

Oh.My.Gosh. If this was mine, I would not only use it for driving, I would live in it!

This expensive bus represents an extraordinarily luxurious lifestyle that can be enjoyed only by the world’s wealthiest and richest individuals.

Maintaining such an expensive vehicle will require staggering amount of money as the inside depicts a five-star luxury hotel.

Like the outside doesn’t look fancy enough, this bus’ interior is designed to leave everyone speechless. It features fully equipped kitchen, not only with basic stuff but with everything one could ever need while spending few days on the road. There are also two fancy bathrooms, equipped with everything needed for both hygiene and relaxation. Bedroom features king size bed with TV bigger than some of us have at home.

Once you see the whole interior, you’ll have to agree – this bus is absolutely absolutely stunning.