A way to get a free movie ticket? Very simple. Lock your Car.

According to FBI reports, one vehicle is stolen every 46 seconds. When you finish watching the video, at least two another cars will be stolen somewhere inĀ America. And we’re not talking about fancy and expensive cars, it’s the normal cars most of us drive we’re talking about, with Honda being highest on the list of stolen cars.

There are times when cars are broken into and there’s not much to do than call the police, but statistics show that quite a lot of people actually help thieves steal their vehicles with not locking the car or leaving windows down.

The Lakeland Police Department in Florida is trying to raise awareness and educate drivers about this issue for years but with no much success. Then they got to this great idea – checking random vehicles and awarding responsible drivers with movie tickets.

While it’s a really nice gesture, it’s still really surprising to see how many people are leaving their cars unlocked!