Accidents on a road can happen to anyone. Just the tiniest moment is enough to turn everything around. Most of the times, those accidents are just minor scratches or bumps on the vehicle but that’s still enough to ruin your day. In most cases, when fender bender happen, people exchange their contact information and move forward with their lives.

But in this accident, that didn’t happen.

What started as a simple fender bender escalated quickly and became a real gang war in the middle of the street.

This story happened earlier this year, in in the English city of Bradford. A Range Rover collided with another vehicle. No one was injured, damage on cars was minimal and it all seemed like something solvable. But instead of polite talk, the passengers in each car swept out onto the street, eager to deal with the fender bender.

Only, what CCTV footage caught them doing was anything but calmly discussing insurance providers. Instead, each man was armed to the teeth and ready to rumble!

Now, that is some serious road rage!