This must be the simplest car and phone hack ever. And it’s working!

Today almost everyone owns a smartphone, and it’s nothing new that smartphones are quickly becoming a replacement for almost everything. We use apps to talk to people, we use apps for reading, exercising, reminding us of important things… And it’s not necessarily a bad thing. For example, while we once had to have a map, skills to read it and quite good knowledge of the area to get around without getting lost, today it’s all solvable with just one tap on the map on your smartphone screen.

However, checking maps on your phone while driving is not any less dangerous than texting and driving. That’s why YouTubers at One Crazy House decided to share this creative car and phone hack on how to make a simple but functional phone holder. And all you need for it is a rubber band.

Simply take the rubber band and slip it through the vent. Pull it tight and slip your smartphone in.

The rubber band will grip the phone on the top and on the bottom and keep it secure even on a bumpy roads.

It really can’t get any simpler than this!